Painting Diary

Fat Joe, Billy, and Max

I was watching some Fat Joe video’s today- it’s what you do when there’s just been an earthquake and your landlord refuses to fix things like broken windows and exposed ceilings, and you’re procrastinating between uninspiring coats of clear medium and titanium white.

For those that don’t know Fat Joe is a rapper that comes from the Bronx and makes a point to say that he’s never left despite his fame and money. It may also be true that he lives in a condo in Miami and just comes back to the Bronx to watch his very own sponsored street ball hoops team play at Rucker Park. There’s a good video about the second part of that here. If you have even the most remote interest in Hip Hop, celebrity, or basketball then you’ve just lost 40 minutes of your life.

Hip Hop is a lot like the art world. 10% substance and 90% hype and bullshit. In both cases the hype and bullshit are done so well, that in many ways they are the more interesting components. The 10% substance can be fools gold too- after-all hits are what we dance too, and I don’t see anyone laughing (or dancing) to anything happening in the current Walters Prize….for example.

I was having a good think as to who might be the New Zealand art world’s Fat Joe. I think that it’s probably Billy Apple. He’s got the personality edge of a man who hung out with the big boys (or at least the pretense of what that might entail) and has now come home to his Bronx, which just so happens to be Auckland. I think that his antipodean come New Yorker Jay-Z nemesis must be Max Gimblett.

Brand it ‘Conceptualism vs Zen’ and pit them against each other on one of Christchurch’s few remaining brick rooftops- that’s the next Scape Biennial right there.

Hold on…where’s the current one?

Fat Joe, Billy, and Max in no particular order:

I’m out like Billy in Round 2.